About Us


We are founded in 2007 in Romania by partners who worked as top marketing professionals in international companies for many years, with sustainable ideas and many marketing consultants. They claim that ideals are more important than ideas.

Since 2007, we at Purple Business Partners have been providing event marketing and management services to multinational and local companies, all the while building a client portfolio of more than 50 European shopping centers in areas such as entertainment and exhibition consultancy, theme decoration, signage and amenity design, event management and production.

Briefly put, we have:

  • Designed and produced unique concepts for interactive exhibitions.
  • Introduced the concept of building targeted traffic in retail areas.
  • Introduced the concept of interactive traveling exhibitions in Turkish shopping centers.


We pride ourselves with several achievements over the years:

  • Awarded by the ICSC in 2011.
  • Projects hosted by shopping centers in 8 countries. Targeting to cover most of Europe by 2018.
  • A client portfolio based on 90% of Turkish and Romanian shopping centers.
  • Nearly 250.000 visitors reached in 10 years.