"We build a partnership around the business to make it remarkable."



Our coverage

Projected territories: North America, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary.

Current territories: UK, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia,Turkey, Russia experience.


Our added value


For each project we can develop various mobile, kinect apps or augmented reality tools that work hand in hand with the exhibitions, thus enhancing the visitor.


Our goal is to provide opportunities for activity and visitor engagement, while providing incentives for repeat visitation. Focus on adding digital components to our projects.


Arising from quality and diversity of projects, through successful partnerships; a formula that has improved our capacity, performance and service and has provided us with positive outcomes.

What's in it for you

Best locations in CEE

We cover 90% of Turkish and Romanian shopping centers market. We've reached most premium 8 shopping centers in 5 biggest cities of Turkey. We target North American and UAE markets for the near future.

Best team

Our people are dedicated to bring quality, creativity and integrity to each project, that is why we are reffered to by many local and multinational clients and ad agencies.

Best results

We provide a combination of planning and design, organization and timely realization of exhibition projects entrusted to us.

Going digital

We aim to add weight to our event ideas by developing app or software components for which we rely on the best developer studio that provides us with the latest technologies for mobile or web solutions, kinect or augmented reality platforms.